Richard Liebowitz


Broadway Producer & Entrepreneur

Operating out of New York, New York, Richard Liebowitz is a dedicated Broadway producer, entrepreneur, photographer, and supporter of the arts and his community.

Richard Liebowitz built the foundation of his career at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he enrolled in 2006. Throughout his academic career, he was a member of the SPEC Film Society, 34th Street Magazine, Wharton Media and Entertainment Club, and First Call Magazine. He was also the Photojournalist and Videographer for the Daily Pennsylvanian Newspaper. After graduating in 2010 with his Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Richard Liebowitz enrolled at Hofstra University in the Maurice A. Deane School of Law, where he studied for four years while also serving as the President of a society and the founder of a club. 

He also worked as an intern for Bruce Cotler, a veteran photographer in New York, where he further developed his interest in photography. As an intern, he took photos of everything, and eventually, he built this interest into a career.

Now in his career, Richard Liebowitz is working as a Broadway producer. He has a deep love for the theatre and enjoys being able to use his talents and passion to bring live theatre to the stage. Recently, he produced the David Mamet play American Buffalo which opened at Circle in the Square and starred Laurence Fishburne, Darren Criss, and Sam Rockwell. Richard even invested in the first museum dedicated to all things Broadway in Times Square. He is also the Founder of Noir Press, where he’s been operating since the beginning of 2022. 

Throughout his career, Richard has amassed a finely tuned skill set that has helped him along his entrepreneurial journey. As a professional, Richard is known for his talents in marketing, social networking, startups, and media relations. Alongside his photography skills, he is also known for his blogging, photojournalism, and public speaking. 

With his free time, Richard Liebowitz volunteers weekly with The Bowery Mission, a soup kitchen and housing organization open 365 days a year to provide meals, shelter, and clothing to New Yorkers who are experiencing hunger, food insecurity, homelessness, and other crises.  He is currently working with the Mission to put together a program to teach unemployed individuals the skills necessary to establish careers as freelance photographers.

Learn more about Richard Liebowitz’s entrepreneurial insights by visiting his blog page, and be sure to check out his photography page for even more information!