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Dui In Las Vegas

There is a lot at stake when you get charged with drunk driving. Apart from the legal punishments, the outside world may deem you incapable or risk for various tasks. You could lose your job and license, which will complicate all other facets of your life. The worst-case scenario is landing in jail for a simple DUI in Las Vegas.

How to act when pulled over

What happens after the test?

Drivers under the age of 21 should not exceed an alcohol limit of 0.02 percent. The commercial drivers have a limit of 0.04, while all others should not test for a level beyond 0.08. The officer will book you in and take photos and fingerprints. The law requires the officer to retain you if your test recorded a BAC of above 0.02.

You have seven days from the date of the arrest to request a hearing that will revive the license’s permission. The jail will continue to test you until you meet the standard required for a release. A friend or family can bail you out for a misdemeanor while the felony case will have to wait for a bail setting from the hearing.

The punishments will vary depending on the particulars of the case. The competence of the skillful GTOGATA firm will improve your stance. The general laws impose the following penalties for the following categories:

Penalties for a first time DUI offense?

Penalties of a second time DUI offense

Penalties of a third-time DUI in Las Vegas


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